30 Years' Experience


Using our experiences from deep working coal mining and tunneling activities we build tunnels, perform underground construction, rock drilling, injection into rock and constructions, anchoring and shot concrete works. We build public utilities, sewers and sewage treatment plants, underground decks, parking garages, cellars. We also establish and recondition electrical networks, transportation systems, and water production facilities.



Our company undertakes complex tasks in which we implement the full innovative business activity from cover to cover. To fulfill the needs of our customers we have the complete technical management, human resources, equipment and a multifaceted array of machinery and equipment at will. For ensuring the seamless implementation of our tasks undertaken we provide the fulfillment of all the necessary collateral activities such as installation as well as operation of electrical and mechanical systems.




Our one of a kind activity is the congelation tunnelling process which we used during the construction of platform of the Metro line 4 under the River Danube.

We are also specialized in planning and implementing the detonation of surface facilities by means of rock cutting underground explosion.
Another example of our tasks that require specific preparation is strengthening or demolition of bridge structures from a swimming surface.



We believe in achieving the needs of our customers with full responsibility of fulfilling the warranty.

To do this our company performs the implementation of the requirements of our clients by means of our highly educated colleagues with high professional standing.


Our references corroborate our professional successes as well as the reliability and quality of our work.


Managing director

Gusztáv Sztermen  +36/70-311-48-68

Finance manager

Dezső Molnár    +36/70-318-51-29

Lead engineer

Tibor  Papp  +36/70-311-55-23

Lead engineer assistant

Bertalan Henyecz    +36/70-311-54-38

Engineering department manager

Károly Szalai   +36/70-318-29-59

Electrical department manager

László Pető   +36/70-311-48-92

Quality assurance certificate